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This joint-venture between local producers, cannabis experts, and trusted dispensaries, uses high-powered technology to take the guesswork out of finding, buying, and enjoying the benefits of cannabis.

Purchased & Used Legally

Purchased & used Legally

Cannabis CAN be purchased and used legally in many states. Currently, 33 states have enacted laws that protect medical cannabis use and 11 states have made recreational use fully legal.



Cannabis CAN be administered in many ways. For many reasons, the practice of physically smoking the plant is  declining as healthier alternative methods are being developed.



Cannabis CAN be used for medicinal purposes, including as treatments for anxiety, cancer, depression, chronic pain management, and many more.

Lifestyle Benefits

Lifestyle Benefits

Cannabis CAN deliver a variety of lifestyle benefits including relaxation and stress management, improved seep, and many others.

My Remedy seeks to demystify the cannabis landscape making it easy and intuitive for you to benefit from the power of the plant.

Power of Cannabis

Your Life, Your Way,
My Remedy

Cannabis can be life-enriching, life-enhancing, and even lifesaving. We know first hand the intrinsic power of this plant and have developed a way to personalize and simplify your interactions with the complex world of cannabis.

Industry-leading cannabis experts

My Remedy Learns
About YOU

Industry-leading cannabis experts, My Remedy values your unique goals and intentions, then uses a proprietary algorithm and machine learning to find your best match. We filter our extensive catalog of locally sourced, lab tested options to connect you with the highest quality and most effective cannabis products that meet your personal needs. My Remedy does not stop after an initial purchase. Through the “My Profile” page, our platform teaches you best use practices and functions as an ally, allowing you to continually track your purchases and reviews. Our algorithm consistently hones in on what works best for you as your goals, needs, and intentions evolve. No wondering, worrying, or second-guessing.



When my dad was diagnosed with cancer, I focused on finding the best doctors, the best treatments, and the best path forward. I researched, experimented, and documented the results of many cannabis-centric complementary therapies, ultimately finding solutions that worked best throughout the different stages of his cancer journey.

Over The Past 10 Years,

Cannabis solution(s) tailored to their individual needs. Whether that be for medical issues such as chronic pain, anxiety, sleep issues, PTSD; or for non-medical issues like enhancing creativity, finding a healthier alternative to alcohol in social situations, or to decompress from the stress of daily life.

Kevin Clancy


KJ Jones

KJ Jones
The Idea

What became glaringly obvious through this process, is that not all products are created equal and one size does not fit all. Within the world of cannabis, there exists a wide spectrum of plant genetics that produce greatly varied effects. Over time, we have developed crude methods of differentiating these effects by lumping plants into either indica or sativa categories. By focusing on the precise chemical components of each product,

My Remedy Moves Beyond This Ineffective And Outdated Antidotal Model.


In order to bring this vision to life, I knew I needed a partner I could trust: a person who understood emerging technologies and the digital landscape; shared my passion for demystifying cannabis; and had the kind of natural-born leadership skills one needs to advance an industry. I found this (and more) in my long time friend, KJ. Having worked at Sports Illustrated and many of America’s largest digital ad technology firms, KJ has established himself as an industry leader in digital advertising, data management and business/partnership development.

As Chief Revenue Officer at My Remedy,  KJ will be an instrumental part of delivering our vision and helping Americans from coast-to-coast discover this personalized way to learn about, shop for, and benefit from cannabis.

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My Vision

My Remedy is reimagining humans’ relationship with cannabis. We’re here to revolutionize the way cannabis is grown, marketed, considered, purchased, and consumed. Through a range of strategic services and the power of AI, we connect individuals with customized cannabis solutions designed to meet their needs, we help budding cannabis producers and retail stores ramp up their brands and safely connect with customers, and we carefully track, measure, and analyze millions of data points in order to optimize the entire purchase process.

My Remedy helps individuals access, enjoy, and understand cannabis. We’re here to increase the frequency of positive human-cannabis interactions by innovating every link in the chain. Click here to learn more.

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My Remedy also provides a range of strategic services that enable budding cannabis stores and producers to grow their brands, connect with their customers, and safely sell their products online. We partner with organizations who share our vision and want to reimagine the relationship our country has with cannabis. Here’s how we can help:

Online Retail Services

If you’re looking for the opportunity to supply directly to community members online, deliver next level customer experiences, and collect real-time feedback on your products, you’re in the right place. If you’re a high quality cannabis grower looking to connect with local stores and dispensaries, or a store searching for their next great supplier, My Remedy is here.

Part tech-company, part cannabis-concierge, part industry connector, our cannabis-centric community is the perfect place for you to connect, learn, teach, and grow.

We can highlight the following:

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Customer centric, the capabilities of My Remedy are far beyond what they can build with simple ecommerce.

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The analytics of My Remedy that improves product recommendations based on data collection from consumers.

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The convenience of signing up and having a pre-built ecommerce platform that you don't have to spend tons of money designing and building.

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Better than Shopify because it's cannabis-centric, connected to producers and other stores.

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Leverage an easy system for uploading inventory and organizing sales.

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Become a member of a community that can help support growers and producers through experience and knowledge.

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Digital Marketing

If you’re looking to grow your cannabis brand in today’s marketplace, it’s digital or die. We offer a full suite of full-service digital marketing services, from website development to digital ads, newsletter blasts to day-to-day management of your social media channels. We build breakthrough cannabis brands with advanced technology, data-driven campaigns, and insight-rich analytics.

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Operational Controls

Want to be profitable at every stage of the production process? Our operations experts are dedicated to helping cannabis growers and producers re-engineer their processes and supply chain in order to maximize value and gain competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace. We can help you streamline and structure your production, product development, and information systems in order to decrease costs, and increase efficiency and velocity. Get out of the weeds and light up your operations with My Remedy.

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Go-to-Market Product Strategy

We design, develop and execute go-to-market strategies for cannabis growers and stores across the country. Our success is rooted in three key disciplines:

  • Define your geographical targets
  • Identify your distribution channels
  • Align your brand messaging with the most successful marketing channels.
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